Soothing This Common Affliction

For many people, winter is actually a welcome change, especially since the holidays are mostly associated with cold weather. However, for many others, the colder weather can be quite painful, especially for individuals who have arthritis. Fortunately, there are essential oils that can be used to help soothe the common affliction of arthritis.

So, how widespread is arthritis? It is estimated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that 52 million adults in just the U.S. have some kind of arthritis, have been diagnosed by a doctor, and deal with this painful condition. That is the equivalent to more than one in five adults (22.7 percent of the U.S. population).

With many individuals experiencing arthritic pain, any kind of natural treatment for arthritis would be very welcomed if it resulted in pain relief from the condition. Fortunately, five essential oils are available that can help people with arthritis relieve pain. At the same time, it can help improve their overall health and mood.

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Jerry Murphy

Jerry Murphy is a resident of Atlanta, Georgia and is a former nurse. After discovering the healing powers of essential oils many years ago, Jerry began suggesting them to his patients - to their deep gratitude. Some of Jerry's interests include oceanography, Ancient Rome, and vinyl record collecting.