Treating Anxiety For Millennia

Essential oils have been used in medical and ceremonial traditions and have been around for millennia. In biblical times, Jesus of Nazareth was anointed with frankincense and myrrh to celebrate his birth. Oils play important roles in a host of ancient cultures, including European, Indian, Egyptian, and Chinese.

As a part of ancient Egyptian funerary rites, essential oils were a fixture of the ceremonial embalming process. Modern archeologists have found oil residue from 2,000 years ago in Egyptian tombs. In more recent times, essential oils came to the attention of modern medicine, thanks to groundbreaking pioneers, like Doctor Jean Valnet; this French surgeon used essential oils to fill in the gaps in his medical supplies during the Second World War and experienced remarkable success in using them.

Essential oils are completely natural; they come from the plants' flowers, leaves, roots, and bark. Essential oils can be used to treat a whole range of different conditions, including anxiety. The most effective versions are typically pure essential oils, those that have not been mixed with chemicals or other additives.

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Jerry Murphy

Jerry Murphy is a resident of Atlanta, Georgia and is a former nurse. After discovering the healing powers of essential oils many years ago, Jerry began suggesting them to his patients - to their deep gratitude. Some of Jerry's interests include oceanography, Ancient Rome, and vinyl record collecting.