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3Lavender Oil

The number one oil that helps in the healing of conditions of the skin, as well as burns and cuts, is probably lavender oil — this is due to the fact that it targets the skin specifically, getting it in a state of healing and improves the communication between the cells of your skin. It can be argued that the most common and dangerous factors for any disease affecting Americans are free radicals, for example, chemicals, toxins, pollutants, etc. They are the ones that shut down immune systems and can cause incredible damage to the human body; this includes the skin.

In order to successfully fix the damage of free radicals, you need antioxidants, and according to research, lavender essential oil helps the body to produce three of its most powerful antioxidants, catalase, glutathione, and superoxide dismutase. This is probably due to its antioxidant and antimicrobial characteristics when mixed with benefit rich coconut oil or aloe vera; lavender provides the skin with profound benefits. All you need is ten drops placed in an ounce of aloe vera or oil, and the worst sunburn will be soothed. It will also help to quickly heal dry skin, scrapes and minor cuts.

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