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2Use Jojoba Oil

Perhaps you have not yet heard of jojoba oil. It is probably one of the most hydrating oils you can find anywhere in the world, and it hydrates in an amazingly old-fashioned manner. There are many beneficial ingredients found in jojoba oil, for example, vitamin B complex, vitamin E, chromium, silicon, zinc, and copper. It also helps deal with the lack of eating foods that are rich in iodine that the average person does not consume; this is due to its very high content of iodine, which is 82% – in part, iodine is what provides the healing power of jojoba.

There are microscopic glands found in our skin that are called the sebaceous glands; they secrete a waxy or oily matter, which is called sebum. The use and texture of sebum closely resemble jojoba oil, but as we get older, less sebum is produced by our sebaceous glands; this is why our hair and skin is dryer – it can even cause itchy scalp and dandruff. Jojoba oil is non-comedogenic; what this means is that it will not clog your pores. Rich in iodine, jojoba oil helps fight off the growth of harmful bacteria, which can lead to breakouts. There are also antioxidants found in jojoba oil, which help soothe wrinkles, reduce fine lines, and slow down various signs of aging in a natural manner.

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Barbara Kiser

Barbara Kiser is a resident of Alhambra, California and is a proud wife and mother. Barbara is a former insurance agent, but she gave it up in favor of a more relaxing lifestyle. Some of Barbara's interests include swimming, writing fanfiction, and origami.