1Use Frankincense Oil

What are the benefits of frankincense oil? It can help reduce the appearance of age spots and sunspots. If your skin tone is uneven or if you have any splotches or spots, whiteness in certain areas, etc., the number one ingredient that can help you get rid of age spots and sunspots and help even out the tone of your skin is frankincense oil.

The essential oil of frankincense is a very powerful astringent; what this means is that it helps protect the skin cells. It can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, large pores, acne, as well as blemishes. You can use the oil on any area of the skin where there is sagginess, for example, under the eyes, jowls, and even the abdomen. Mix six drops of frankincense essential oil with an ounce of any unscented oil, such as jojoba, and then apply the mixture directly to your skin. However, to test for any possible allergic reactions, always do a small patch of skin first.

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